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You'll find here a list of all the websites I've created, and those in which I've been involved.
You'll also find some information about myself on the bottom of this page.

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My own personal websites

Site preview Arachnosoft (click here to access this website)

Arachnosoft - http://www.arachnosoft.com

Here is my main website, on which you'll find the latest versions of all my computer software, as well as my music and audio creations (Arachno SoundFont, MIDI arrangements, own compositions).

You'll also find there some additional stuff such as online games (Flash and Java), some links to other software and websites, as well as some articles I wrote about programming, emulation or freeware software concepts.

This website is here to share my passion for information technology and music.

Site preview FufuWorld (click here to access this website)

FufuWorld - http://www.fufuworld.com

This website is entirely to a French actor I love, Louis de Funès. I've collected a lot of information to share with you my passion for his films and jokes.

You'll find there his biography, written by myself, his filmography, dozens of photos, some audio samples from his best films, paintings of him made by my father and my grandmother, as well as some links to other websites about him or cinema.

Other websites I've been involved into (personal work)

Site preview E@sy Cook (click here to access this website)

E@sy Cook - http://www.easy-cook.net

E@sy Cook is the main website of my father, dealing with cooking.

You'll find there several hundreds of recipes classified under different categories, including defintions of the technical words used in them.

You'll also be able to access to some useful pages containing handy info about weights and measures, cooking material, foods of the month...

Updated very often, it's a website you should not miss.

Site preview Gribouilles (click here to access this website)

Gribouilles - http://www.gribouilles.com

The other website of my father.

He unveils to you his own paintings, as a virtual gallery, sorted under different categories.

The paintings of my grandmother are also present, and there are some entertaining puzzle games, in which you'll have to rebuild some of the paintings presented on the website.

You'll also find there some links to other websites, most of them being focused about painting and arts.

Site preview Ali Gator (click here to access this website)

Ali Gator - http://membres.multimania.fr/tregor22

Ali Gator is the website of a friend of mine, Claude le Moullec. He has a great passion for Amstrad CPC computers, and wants to share it with you.

You can download on his website some of the 80 (!) programs he had been writing for seven years on this computer, as disk images you can use with a CPC emulator; some of his programs have also been rewrote for PC using QBasic.

As he helped me to improve my skills with this programming language, I helped him some years ago to improve the design of his website.

About me - Contact information

I was born on October 28th, 1985 in Reims (Champagne-Ardenne, France). Being a professional IT scientist since 2006, I spend most of my spare time developing computer software or composing music at home. All this stuff is available on the above-mentioned websites.

For any comments, remarks, suggestions, or if you have any questions to ask me about my software, music, websites or professional experience, do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail at the following address: maxime.abbey@free.fr.